let us stimulate your customers visual cortex

...if you can dream it, we can code it...

“Bespoke”, ” Custom”, “Yours”, "1 in a Billion"

These are the phrases we throw around when talking about our development style and how we approach every client’s problem that needs a digital solution. With broad industry experience, a young team as well as continental and international exposure, we’re at the forefront of custom digital solutions.

May it be machine software, computer software, web applications or mobile applications we can tackle any problem that requires digital intervention. With a quick onboarding process, our priority is to have your application/website up and running as soon as possible. Our process involves 3 main procedures

Prototyping x Development/Testing x Launch


Every digital creation we manifest starts its journey as a prototype, with advanced design tools and skills that we combine with your company’s persona and needs, we can put together a comprehensive prototype.

This prototype aims to present the look and feel of the platform/system as well as basic functions. We believe this gives the client a tangible example to reflect on and suggest changes where necessary before devlopment.


The development process depends on the technology being created, our master domain is .Net systems, but we do use Java or other languages as required. Our team uses agile development to create systems, this allows us to streamline the process and get the platform up as soon as possible.

Our development process involves testing as we develop, this insures minimum to no errors on launch. We specialize in frontend and backend development this allows us to create neatly wrapped and fully functional systems with no external plugins, which usually account for cost increases and errors in future versions.


Welcome to the K.I.D.S Digital Jungle